Welcome to your new home of Fashion for Everyday Chicks!

Welcome to your new home of Fashion for Everyday Chicks!


So welcome to my website and welcome to what I hope you'll discover is a treasure trove of great fashion and accessories for all of us ladies who like to take a little pride in our appearance and feel great and yet struggle to find great fashion we can fit.

I can't tell you how many mornings I get up with an idea in my head of what I'm going to wear for the day only to put it on, look in the mirror and think - YUCK!! The worst thing is once that's happened once, it seems every outfit I put on that morning gets the same response and by the time I mosey on out the door I have tried on 15 outfits, run out of time and whacked something together that I only feel OK in just so I can get to work on time. 

The thing is though, when I feel like that it's not just about what I'm wearing, it's a total mindset and it's not in any way a successful mindset or a 'I'm gonna have a great day' mindset, it's a 'she'll be right' mindset', 'it'll do'.  I want to change that, I want to not have those mornings, I want to feel great in my clothing and walk out the door ready for the day and whatever it throws at me because I look great and I therefore fee great and I'm ready to take on the world.

There's all those sayings out there - You are what you eat, You are who you associate with and I believe You are what you wear.  It's that whole 'dress for success' thing!! Feeling great in what you wear will mean you'll do great things in the day too!!

One thing I have really struggled with is that so many fashion lines are focused on skinny girls.  Now don't get me wrong I have no issue with the skinnier gals amongst us, I'm not gonna lie I might be a little jealous but as a Plus Size girl I want the range of clothing on offer for you available for me too. 

To date most of the Plus Size gear I've found is just not at all my style or I'm forced to buy the biggest skinny girl size only to have it not really fit me all that well which is both uncomfortable and depressing, lets face it! And why is Plus size ie: size 16+ in many cases even called Plus Size.  Why can't all sizes just be normal rather than even segregating us curvier girls off into our own special category?

So my mission on this website is to provide a great range of fashion that I can fit and I love and hopefully that suits you too!  That way I can help you stop the 'doesn't fit me', 'don't feel great', 'not sure about this' feeling I hate so much and put your clothes on and feel like a fashion goddess! 

I'm a long standing dedicated follower of fashion and so here's hoping you love what I love and we can be fashion buddies!!  After all, a Nailed it outfit is all about getting it right!

BTW I have a great social community so follow me on insta: @nailedit_nz and facebook: @naileditfashion

Happy Shopping x


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