Crafting Your Adult Wardrobe

Crafting Your Adult Wardrobe

It's funny isn't it how our style changes over the years.  I mean we all look back at some of those outfits we thought were smoking hot from the 90's and early 00's and cringe.  If only there weren't photo evidence that it happened life would be so much easier haha! 

Recently though I decided with the launch of the site and finally having access to great fashion I WANT to wear I'd have a massive wardrobe cull and I think Shane nearly had a heart attack when he saw what was off to the Clothing Bins.  I've always been an avid wardrobe culler but this was a whole new level.  All those sneaky little bits of clothing that had been hiding in my closet for nearly 8 years I reckon were now gone.  They'd survived countless wardrobe culls and were always in these categories:

'but I really love it'

'I'll fit it again one day'

'well I am trying to lose weight'

'it'll be grand for that resort wear look'

'but it was expensive'

'but I've never worn it so I need to wear it before I cull it'

...the truth is they're all just excuses.  I'd never worn these items as they just didn't look all that good on me and I should never have wasted my money on them in the first place.  Some had never fitted me from day dot and others were from another time and place.  Much of it short skirts and dresses from a time when I was skinnier but lets face it I was also out drinking and partying with friends and short dresses and skirts were the uniform trying to lure a guy whilst we drop another shot of patron... yeah looking back that was never a good plan really haha!

This wardrobe cull was different for me as it was like accepting the NEW me. The settled down, happy, busy, adult me.  It was creating space for the clothes that I wanted to wear, that fit me and suited me and instead of putting on 15 outfits and ending up throwing my self on the ground as nothing looked good or fitted me I want a wardrobe that I actually can't decide what to wear as there is just too many options.. WOW the dream haha!!

So right now I am looking at my wardrobe and I'm thinking OMG there is nothing there, I mean I've culled the excess and got rid of the fillers and now I'm waiting for new items to fill it and it just seems empty! Yet here's the funny thing, every morning I have got up to get dressed since the cull I've not once gone through the 'nothing looks good' ritual.  My getting ready time has probably halved and I walk out every morning FEELING GREAT!  How can I go from a wardrobe bursting at the seams with options and ideas to what I consider nothing more than a skeleton and yet my wardrobe woes are vastly improved?! How can it be possible??

I've come to realise that for whatever underlying reason, whatever psychological hang up diagnosis I was in a way holding onto memories.  Memories of who I used to be and trying to still be that person is madness.  I'm happier now than I've ever been, sure I'm somewhat chubbier than I've ever been but guess in some ways that also because I'm happy.  So now, being an adult and being happy I deserve and will have, don't worry about that, my dream fulfilled.  A wardrobe full of clothing that is ME.  That fits ME. That suits ME.  And that ultimately I feel GREAT in.  Clothing can be so empowering but equally dis-empowering if you get it wrong so I challenge you!  Do it!  Cut the fat in the wardrobe, cut it down to the bones.  pledge to never again waste money on clothes that don't fit or suit you.  Do try on everything you buy and dress for the woman you are today, not the woman you were 5 years ago.  Do this and you'll feel 10 pounds lighter, I found the whole process very enlightening although secretly I can't wait to have that wardrobe bursting at the seams again hehe x

Anj x


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